I started composing pieces for my own students in 2006 and since then I've never looked back! The pieces you'll find on my website are the result of many years of "in the trenches" teaching. All my pieces have passed the student approval test. If my own students don't like a piece then it doesn't get published. As well all know young children can be the harshest critics!    

In addition to composing I've also I've taught students piano, theory and composition since 1997. Many of these students have gone on to tertiary study and careers in piano performance, composition, music education and jazz performance. More importantly, I’ve shared my passion for music with many, many students and they all still love the piano!

I’ve conducted workshops on composition and teaching for the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, the Australian Piano Pedagogy Conference and for music teachers in Brisbane, Toowoomba, Cairns, Melbourne, Perth and the Sunshine Coast. I’ve adjudicated competitions in Tasmania and Queensland and examined in New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania.

I currently live in Brisbane with my wife Melanie (now a doctor but previously an extremely competitive piano teacher), my young daughter Annabelle (a creator of epic mess and a lover of ff  cluster chords on the piano), the new addition Frederick (“the cute one”), and my dog Bella (an avant-garde artist responsible for the “earth art” creations in the back yard). When I’m not annoying the piano or teaching I occupy my time chasing after the toddler, walking the dog, going for the (occasional) run, reading, eating and generally making merry.

In a previous life I had a brief moment of sporting glory when I represented Australia in athletics.

Visit my personal site at www.danielmcfarlane.com for information about my teaching.