Daniel's Epic Birthday Music Competition


I love epic music so this challenge is all about me getting some for my birthday! Here are the details:


* The competition will run from the 4th May ("May the Forth be with you!" - movie music doesn't get much more epic than Star Wars!) to the 12th July (my birthday!). You can submit entries at any time during this window.
* You can enter one composition per student. The piece must be for solo piano and be less than 8 minutes.
* Depending on the number of entries I may split the competition into sections by age.
* You must submit a score and a recording (or video) for each student entry.
* The theme is "epic" so the piece must relate to this somehow (the more epic the better!).



There will be a minimum of 3 prizes awarded. Each prize will be to get a backing track made for your piece. You make your piece as epic as you possibly can and I'll try to make it even more so with a huge backing track to go along with it! Two (or more) of the prizes will be awarded by me to my personal favorite compositions and one (or more) will be a random draw. This way everyone who puts in the effort gets a chance to win!



Download the entry form here. Please complete one form per student.



Here's a video I've made to help you along the way!