Are you concerned about burning through too much data when you are using Supersonics Plus? Don't be! The system is optimised to use as little data as possible. Note that backing tracks will only need to "load" once per viewing session (this means that even if you play a particular backing track 10 times in a row it will only have "loaded" once). Here's a general guide to how much data you can expect to use:


Backing track

Backing track: 15 mb

Teacher Duet video

Teacher Duet video: 40 mb

Rote Piece Performance video

Rote Piece Performance video: 20 mb

Rote Piece Teaching video

Rote Piece Teaching video: 75 mb

DATA PER LOAD (average size)

15 mb

40 mb

20 mb

75 mb

The data used by all other content (theory sheets, PDFs, etc.) is negligible.