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These collections are arranged by genre. What sort of mood are you in today?

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Solos and duets to supplement Level One of the Supersonics Piano Method. These pieces are also suitable for any beginner method.

Super motivating and engaging solos. The pieces in this collection didn’t fit neatly into any of the other categories so they got a category of their own!

This collection features beautifully flowing fantasies. Come explore my sensitive side!

This collection features fast and fun pieces. Let those fingers fly!

This collection features some groovy tunes and beats. Warning, they are seriously catchy!

This collection features arrangements of folk music and popular classics. These arrangements are not as “twisted” as my Christmas ones and I did them in order to give students a more authentic overview of each work.

Creep out your audience with these deliciously spooky pieces.

My take on some Christmas favourites. You’ve probably never heard them done like this before!

Music for special occasions. You’ll find pieces for St Patrick’s Day, New Year’s Eve and some national anthems.