Supersonics Halloween Cover Competition



This competition is all about identifying and exploring musical elements in a piece. And, since Halloween is just around the corner, I decided to make it about scary pieces!

This is your job:

1) Choose a "scary" Supersonics piece.

2) Write a personal reflection on the piece identifying the musical elements that you'd like to explore with your cover. For example: "This piece sounds like ___ to me because of the use of [these musical elements]. This inspired me to include [these visual elements] in my cover design." Write at least one paragraph but feel free to explore the piece in as much depth as you like.

3) Create the cover! You can draw it by hand or create it in any program or app that you like. Make sure to include the title and the composer. The size should be either Letter or A4. When you are done save this file as a PDF.

4) Fill out the entry form and submit your entry by October 21st. 

I'll then put all the covers together into one huge file that you can download and use!


There will be a random draw and 3 lucky winners will each get an autographed large poster created from their design to hang up on the wall.

Have fun creating!