Supersonics Plus Sheet Music

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Each file is zipped. If you are using a major operating system your computer should automatically open the file. Some exceptions and solutions:

  • iPhone/iPad: you will need to use an app like iZip or WinZip to open and store zip files  

  • Android devices: you may need to use a utility like WinZip to open and store zip files  

  • Windows devices: you will need to use Pocket Extractor to open and store zip files 

  • Windows PCs: support for zip files is inbuilt however, if you run into problems use WinZip

  • Mac computers: support for zip files is inbuilt however, if you run into problems use Stuff It Expander

These solutions not working? Contact me (I have not encountered an unfixable problem so far!) 


Happy downloading. Enjoy the music!


Blast Off Galaxy Pack

Brother John Duet

Land of the Middle Seas

Castle Escape

Supersonics Level A

Supersonics Level B

Supersonics Level C

Sneak Attack


The Dauntless

Duets and Trios 1

Fortress Duets/Trio

Winter Studies

Castle Escape 2