Supersonics Plus is designed to work on all internet-connected devices! This includes PCs, laptops, tablets and phones.


Here is a general walkthrough video for Supersonics Plus:


Due to the enormous number of possible device + operating system + internet browser combinations there will inevitably be some limitations. Here is the current list of these:

If you are using Safari on an Apple device (iPad, iPhone or iPod) do not use "Private" mode as it will prevent Supersonics Plus from working. This is the most common problem people run into and is easily fixed. If you are not sure what "Private" mode is you can read about it here:

We optimise the Supersonics Plus environment for Chrome and Safari. If you are using a different internet browser we cannot guarantee full functionality.

You can print from your Apple device using AirPrint but the results are not as good as if you use your PC or laptop. Please note: this is for pieces featured in the Supersonics Plus Library section of Supersonics Plus only. Printing of regular digital downloads is not affected at all. If you need some help with printing in general watch the video here

It is impossible to predict whether older devices or operating systems (7+ years) will run Supersonics Plus. The majority will but some won't simply because they are not powerful enough! If you have any doubts please ask us before you sign up for a membership.

If you require any more assistance please contact us :-)

Please include the following information in your email:

  • The device you are using
  • The browser you are using
  • The time the issue occurred
  • The page address that you had an issue on